How to Stop Color Fading From Your Hair

Professional Hairstylists will sometimes spend hours of time with their client’s hair to help them look beautiful. Many times the time spent is on developing that perfect shade of color for their client. The client and her hair look spectacular upon leaving the salon. Now we fast-forward 6 to 8 weeks and the client upon returning to her stylist has very color faded hair.

The client did receive compliments on her hair after her first few days from her salon visit. But within a few short weeks, the compliments end and her hair look like it needs color again. The client doubts her stylist and the product that was used. What went wrong?

The biggest culprit of hair color fading is water leaching out the color from the hair. Hair coloring is a process where the hair cuticle opens and closes trapping color molecules underneath the cuticle. Eventually, based on home hair care regimen and environmental conditions, the hair cuticle begins to open and water helps the color leech out of the hair.

Now a solution is available for you to help you look your best by keeping your hair color in your hair — and not down the drain. No longer do you need to worry that your color is going to fade quickly. Now with John Amico’s Vitashine Shampoo and Conditioner, you can have silky, shiny, color-rich hair.

John Amico’s Vitashine Shampoo is a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner that has a low PH level. This low ph level keeps your hair cuticle closed, which keeps hair color in your hair and not down the drain. By using the John Amico Vitashine Shampoo and Conditioner, many clients notice a difference in the quality and condition of their hair after their very first use.

For John Amico independent stylists, Vitashine is their #1 choice to help their clients maintain healthy, shiny, luxurious color treated hair